Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all enjoying this time of the year and spending it with those that you love. I am lucky to have so many people to share this time of year with and can't wait to see them this weekend!

And for a bit of fun, check out this very cool Holiday video from our friends at Ben's Friends Patient Support Communities. Thanks for the Feel Good Gown shout out :)

(ya, my tech savvy skills are failing me! Click on the video to actually go to Youtube so that you can see the entire screen!)

and yes...there is a bit of me and some of my marvelous singing in this video :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lists, lists, and more lists!

We have so many lists to keep us on track. Some of us write them in an organized manner in a nice file on our computer. Others keep them stored in random “notes” on our iPhones (complete with autofilled in words we later can’t make sense of.) While some still rely on the multitude of scratch paper and refrigerator magnets. We all have some kind of system that tells us what we should be doing, when, how much, and to whom. And with September officially being the season for “back to school” and the millions of lists that brings…well I have a new list for you too!

What kind of list? Well the very BEST kind of course! The kind that makes you FEEL GOOD. The kind of list that is completely optional but so very worth the time to cross a few off.

This list is all about the little things we can all do to make someone happy. I was inspired recently when I participated in Operation Beautiful, and from handing out the super cool Lolli-Flowers at the hospital. These little acts of kindness, random acts of kindness or even Acts of Random Kindness as the folks at ARK call it…well they are definitely feel good things. So I wanted to make a list to share with all of about some other items I have stumbled across or just think are no-brainers.

1. Smiling. At yourself, at a coworker, at a stranger. It’s easy to do. Take a look at this blog posting I found. It’s a great one and I love her take on how it’s totally multi-tasking! Plus it’s totally free!

2. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. It’s cheap and a great way to start off someone’s day.

3. Donate school supplies. Easy-peasy and you can get some stuff seriously cheap. Every little bit helps.

4. Along the same lines as above, so many teachers have to buy supplies for their classrooms these days. Donate $10 to your child’s teacher with a note about how she does a great job! Or buy some of those super cute “encouragement” stickers with cool sayings like “Way to go!” “Awesome!” and such.

5. Give a compliment. It never fails to make me smile when a stranger or coworker takes the time to tell me I look cute that day. Be it my dress, my shoes (most likely) or the silly way I’ve twisted my hair up. It’s a freebie, easy, and ALWAYS brings a smile.

6. Be nice. I know it sounds like a given, but we often aren’t particularly nice to everyone around us. My husband and I make it a point to be nice and to have a common courtesy with each other. After all, who IS more important that the people you love? We don’t even notice it, but other people do.

7. In the spirit of Feel Good Gowns, say “thanks” to the hospital staff! Yes, I know it’s the nurse’s job to take care of you…but they don’t HAVE to be as nice as they always are. It’s such an awesome job they do, taking care of sick people. They are kind, gentle, and do their best to help you Feel Good while in their care. A sincere nod of appreciation will make their day a bit easier. I promise! A small box of chocolates would probably be even better!

8. Call your mom. I realize that she is sometimes super flighty, annoying, and can nag. But she loves you, and she put up with all of your annoying traits as a teenager. And she will be THRILLED that you called without needing something…like money…or advice…or to complain about your sibling. Call just to say hello and you will make her day!

9. Give blood! This gift doesn't cost you a thing, could help save a life (like Fremont Police Officer Todd Young) and plus you get free cookies!

10. Check out sites like this for some other great ideas!

Have a wonderful Friday, and do something kind.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feel Good Flowies!

A few weekends ago hubby, puppy, and I made the short trek up the road to our favorite spot to picnic. It's one of the most amazing places in the world with a view that we should all be envious of and admire mother nature for. It's truly a beautiful place. A Feel Good place! The kind of place that I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience.

This trip had a great and unexpected surprise as the wild flowers were out in full force. So much natural beauty surrounding us in this peaceful and magical spot. I wished I had all of my gowns with me to do an impromptu photo shoot amongst the yellows, purples, blues, pinks, and oranges of the pretty flowers.

Although I can't bring this wonderful place with me to the hospital, I have found the next best thing!!! Next week as I make my monthly trip to Swedish Hospital in Denver CO, I am bringing happy little flowers with me to hand out to the truly terrific nurses and support staff that do such a great job of caring for me and countless other patients. But these flowers are even sweeter than those from my picnic spot. These flowers come with candy! They are Lolli-flowers :)

I found this wonderful idea at Kind over Matter, a great blog that is now one of my favorites. "Kindness is all that matters" is the first line under the pretty pictures of Amanda and Jenn. And I couldn't agree more. Filled with stories, pictures, freebies, and more - all about being kind, this blog is absolutely one Feel Good thing after another.

If you are at all crafty, or just a kind hearted soul, please head over and check out all the kind things that these ladies have provided for our viewing pleasure. And if you are so inclined, why not print up some lolli-flowers yourself and help spread the joy!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Operation Beautiful!

Have you all heard of this? Operation Beautiful? Am I the only one who lives under a rock and had no idea about this little movement? Why didn't you tell me!!! I LOVE it!

Operation Beautiful is...well, Beautiful! It's all about reinforcing and spreading positivity. It's about reminding girls, women, really everyone, that we are beautiful, worthy, awesome just how we are! It's a reminder to be nice to each other, to encourage and support. It's a very FEEL GOOD thing to do!

Started only a year ago by 26 year old Caitlin Boyle, it's all about post-its and little notes of beauty! She began this by leaving notes on bathroom mirrors and other public places for someone to find. With a positive note about whatever came to mind she was spreading some happiness and joy. LOVE it!

And it's obviously caught on! With a newly published book, appearances on the Today Show and the Oprah Winfrey Network, as well as tons of publications in news and magazines.

I plan on participating in this movement at every chance I can, but I'm most excited about leaving notes at the hospital in two weeks. People are scared, nervous, and feeling "blah" at the hospital. I know! And I can only imagine that a little random note of positivity can help make someone smile during these difficult times. I'm so excited to do this and hope that you will all share in the enthusiasm!

How will you participate in Operation Beautiful? Are you in? You are beautiful!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Shoot Fun!

What could make for a better day than playing dress up with girlfriends in the city? Well, having super cool pictures taken, spreading awareness for Bens Friends, and helping out a budding photographer as well! That's what!

Saturday we packed up the gowns, bags, caps, and the puppy and took the short drive down to San Francisco for two reasons. Ok, well three reasons if you count the fact that Josh was seriously excited to escape the heat of El Dorado Hills and bask in the windy overcasty goodness that is typical of San Francisco :) But the real intent of the day was to do a photo shoot for Feel Good Gowns and to shoot a video with Eric & Scott from for the Life in a Day You Tube contest.

The day started at Fort Mason's Great Meadow with a beautiful view of the city and the Golden Gate playing hide & seek in the fog and clouds. I filmed a quick monologue explaining who I was, my involvement with Bens Friends, and the upcoming photo shoot while trying to keep Hudson both on his leash, out of the shot, and quiet. Not an easy task! Lucky for me Eric came walking up and to my rescue!

I met Eric in May this year when we participated in the 5th annual Anuerysm and AVM walk with TAAF. Eric is part of BensFriends, a network of patient communities dedicated to providing support for people with rare diseases. As well as just being super awesome, Eric is the Marketing and PR lead, and did I mention awesome?!? We shot him with the Golden Gate as a backdrop while he explained the mission, early successes, and future vision for growing these support communities and reaching everyone who can benefit from them.

Up next was Scott, one of the original founders of Bens Friends and a school buddy of Ben himself. I met Scott in person the first time at the 2009 AVM Walk and have loved him since the first hug! Scott did a couple takes while shooting a quick rundown of Bens Friends. But maybe more importantly (at least to me at that particular moment!) is that Scott brough his beautiful friend Vanessa with him to be one of my Feel Good Models! Thanks Scott :)

Our photographer for the day Eliana arrived, we found a place to start shooting, and got dressed up in some Feel Good Gowns and Caps. And soon one of my besties Carrie joined us to complete the "three model-teers" for the day. We were like "real" models- randomly changing while trying not to put on a peep show, suffering in the freezing cold (it was like 65 degrees and super windy) and of course just being beautiful! :)

We had a great afternoon with the photo shoot and filming for the Life in a Day entry. Eliana and Mauro were a great photogrophy team and we are so lucky that they were available to come help us out this day! It was wonderful to see some old friends and meet some new ones. The opportunity to spread the word about both Bens Friends Patient Communities and of course Feel Good Gowns was priceless!

I can't wait to see more of the pictures that Eliana took and to edit some of our footage into some mini movies to help promote our mission of support through Ben's Friends, and happiness through Feel Good Gowns!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feel Good Friends!

We all have them, and love them! Those friends that you know you can count on when you need them. The ones who would do anything for you (well almost anything!) The friends that you basically consider to be your family. And it is so wonderful to have these kinds of friends in our lives.

Uncle Jake is one of those friends. Not mine, I don't even know him. But I can tell that he is the kind of person that people feel lucky to know and lucky to call a friend.

I recently came across a link on facebook for "Ride with Clyde" with a picture of cute baby. Being completely unable to resist a sweet little face, I clicked on the link only to find Uncle Jakes efforts to help his good friends during their battle with their young son Bennet's new fight with cancer.

Instead of "just" offering the emotional support which was a given, Uncle Jake stepped it up a notch and designed a series of T-shirts to be sold through to both raise awareness and help raise funds for this family. What a Feel Good thing to do!

So take a moment to ck out Jake's blog, see a cute little baby, and if so inclined buy a "F*ck Cancer I ride with Clyde" Tshirt...or one of the other MANY designs he has created for this cause! Your purchase will help this family and this adorable little boy. We can all use an extra T right???


Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime Yellow!

I may have mentioned before that I LOVE Summer! Well it's true. Just getting that warm hug from the summer sun each day makes me feel loved and taken care of. Thanks Mother Nature!

So in honor of the official beginning of Summer I wanted to share some info about one of my other loves...yellow! Not everyone loves yellow, but I do. And for the very same reasons that I love summer. It's just a big, warm, loving hug color :)

Did you know that in almost every culture yellow represents hope? It can be symbolic of royalty (think gold) and of friendliness. It is also commonly used as a way to "caution" others due to it's bright and bold "don't ignore me!" need to be the center of attention. Maybe that's why I like it! And maybe that's exactly what you need in a hospital gown.

For those of you who want to be bright and cheery, full of hope for a successful hospital stay, and to make sure everyone at the hospital sees you in your bold and brilliant gown, then try out our "Hopeful and Bright" line of products. This option combines that summery yellow with a cool aqua. Now what is more symbolic of the sun and water that we all enjoy during the Summer months?

Or maybe you want to be completely girly with a more pale backdrop of yellow with some fun and happy flowers displayed in a casual and haphazard pattern. This "Sunny and Bright" pattern feels reminiscent of childhood summer days. What a place to transport yourself to instead of that cold and dreary hospital room!

Either way we promise you will feel warm, loved, happy, and of course Fashionably Fabulous! And with luck, your custom hospital gown will put you in the right mood to quickly heal and head out to enjoy your summer in the sun!