Monday, April 19, 2010

Feel Good Bags!

Our standard "Shalon" drawstring bags are simple yet stylish. They are functional, colorful, and of course do the trick! What a great replacement for the boring, white, "property of" option that the hospital provides. What's more, it's hard to mistake this as anyone else's bag since it so nicely matches your unique ensemble.

But for those of you wanting to display even more fashionable style, we are introducing our new "Camellia" bag named after a very special girl who was a big inspiration for FEEL GOOD GOWNS!

The "Camellia" Bag shows some flowery flair! Features include two wide fabric handles, pleated sides which expand for all of your belongings, two pockets hidden inside (one with a button closure) to keep track of items you don't want to lose, and of course as the name! We have added puffy fabric flowers to the outside of the bag to freshen it up and make it fabulous!

We can make you a bag in either the Shalon or Camellia style featuring the fabric of your choice! Go pick out your new bag here!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hospital Staff goes WILD!

FEEL GOOD GOWNS wants everyone to be super fashionable at the hospital. That includes the nurses and other staff! Check out these great staffers at Swedish Medical Center in CO showing off their personal style with custom scrub caps. How great do they look? While we think they make beuatiful models, we are so glad they decided to be healthcare workers and take such great care of us!

Watch out for Rose in her Warrior Cap...We're pretty sure she has her samurai sword attached to her scrubs!

Erik is on Fire! There are going to be flames in the Radiology room for sure.

Doug is being a little rebellious by showing all of his patients HIS skull, since they have to show him theirs!

Bonnie thinks her cap is both Rebellious and Awesome! And of course it is. An awesome cap for an awesome Nurse.

If you know some super cool hospital staff that are in need of a fashion fix, send them over to Feel Good Gowns to get all decked out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ponytail Cap Coming Soon!

Last month when I was at Swedish Medical Center in Denver (showing off my Hopeful and Bright ensemble with Art Gallery Fabrics!) I was chatting with the nurses about my caps. I had brought with me a fun "On Fire" scrub cap for my doctor and was showing it off to everyone. So Nurse Rick said he would send Kayleigh down as she is THE cap girl! One of the things she told me is that she LOVES her ponytail cap that she has from Blue Sky. It's her favorite.

So I knew I needed to add this style cap to my offerings as well. But how to design one? I didn't think I was a great pattern designer. Well, to be honest I don't think the people who actually design patterns are that good either! Sometimes I'm at a complete loss to come up with the "logic" the pattern designers used when writing up the steps. I'm convinced it is actually all just a funny joke they play on us and are secretly laughing when they take us in circles and make us do unnecessary steps. Anyways, the point is that after doing so many "alterations" to other patterns in general I figured I could create a ponytail cap no problem!

This past weekend we spent in Tahoe with my in laws. And Sunday morning Pam and I got working on some sewing projects, including the Ponytail Cap! I think I've got a good design created and it worked quite well when I tested on myself :) I'll be back in Denver next week with a prototype for Kayleigh to try out. And hopefully it will get her stamp of approval. Will post pics next week of her modeling it!

In the meantime, here are a couple pictures of products that have been ordered and shipped out! A fabulously colorful Flower Power gown, and a super strong robot cap! (I apologize for the sad iPhone pics but my camera is still enjoying a vacation in Tahoe!)