Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feel Good Friends!

We all have them, and love them! Those friends that you know you can count on when you need them. The ones who would do anything for you (well almost anything!) The friends that you basically consider to be your family. And it is so wonderful to have these kinds of friends in our lives.

Uncle Jake is one of those friends. Not mine, I don't even know him. But I can tell that he is the kind of person that people feel lucky to know and lucky to call a friend.

I recently came across a link on facebook for "Ride with Clyde" with a picture of cute baby. Being completely unable to resist a sweet little face, I clicked on the link only to find Uncle Jakes efforts to help his good friends during their battle with their young son Bennet's new fight with cancer.

Instead of "just" offering the emotional support which was a given, Uncle Jake stepped it up a notch and designed a series of T-shirts to be sold through to both raise awareness and help raise funds for this family. What a Feel Good thing to do!

So take a moment to ck out Jake's blog, see a cute little baby, and if so inclined buy a "F*ck Cancer I ride with Clyde" Tshirt...or one of the other MANY designs he has created for this cause! Your purchase will help this family and this adorable little boy. We can all use an extra T right???


Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime Yellow!

I may have mentioned before that I LOVE Summer! Well it's true. Just getting that warm hug from the summer sun each day makes me feel loved and taken care of. Thanks Mother Nature!

So in honor of the official beginning of Summer I wanted to share some info about one of my other loves...yellow! Not everyone loves yellow, but I do. And for the very same reasons that I love summer. It's just a big, warm, loving hug color :)

Did you know that in almost every culture yellow represents hope? It can be symbolic of royalty (think gold) and of friendliness. It is also commonly used as a way to "caution" others due to it's bright and bold "don't ignore me!" need to be the center of attention. Maybe that's why I like it! And maybe that's exactly what you need in a hospital gown.

For those of you who want to be bright and cheery, full of hope for a successful hospital stay, and to make sure everyone at the hospital sees you in your bold and brilliant gown, then try out our "Hopeful and Bright" line of products. This option combines that summery yellow with a cool aqua. Now what is more symbolic of the sun and water that we all enjoy during the Summer months?

Or maybe you want to be completely girly with a more pale backdrop of yellow with some fun and happy flowers displayed in a casual and haphazard pattern. This "Sunny and Bright" pattern feels reminiscent of childhood summer days. What a place to transport yourself to instead of that cold and dreary hospital room!

Either way we promise you will feel warm, loved, happy, and of course Fashionably Fabulous! And with luck, your custom hospital gown will put you in the right mood to quickly heal and head out to enjoy your summer in the sun!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Check out this Super Model in the making!

What's more Feel Good than a super cute baby? We can't think of anything!

Hear is Lily modeling dad's new Warrior scrub cap, and posing in the very important box it was shipped in :) We think she is adorable and such a great model.

Lily- we hope that Dad is just as a great a model as you are and that he looks just as Fabulous in his Warrior gear at the hospital!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feel Good Recommendation

I always LOVE to share stories and experiences with people when I have good ones. And if you know me you know that while I sometimes can be hard to please (yes, I admit it) that when I AM pleased it should stand as a true testament of something GOOD!

I recently had the need to order some special medical supplies that couldn't be found at a local drug store or even local medical supply company. I knew that there would be many options online and I searched for the one that had the best deal, seemed to offer good service, etc. Then I simply took a chance that I chose the right company from the many options.

And I absolutely did! The Medical Supply Depot was great! Not only was the website easy to navigate and checkout was simple, but my order qualified for free shipping. Love that last part :) I was so surprised when my product arrived the day after I received the confirmation of the order and it being shipped. I placed the order about 2:00 on a weekday afternoon, and by lunch the next day my husband texted me to let me know it had arrived. And this on FREE shipping. Very cool. I assumed free shipping would mean snail mail for sure. Talk about great service. But wait! There's more!

I also received a nice follow up email welcoming me as a customer and giving me a discount code for my next purchase. Yes, I realize many companies offer this now as a follow up, but still. Coupled with the ease of transaction, the super quick shipping, and the general "Feel Good" experience...well I'm now a dedicated customer to The Medical Supply Depot.

And to top it off, they are going to use my "thank you" email on their testimonial page! I'm so happy that I can help them out a little. Makes me Feel Good :)

So for those of you who need medical supplies I would sincerely encourage you to check out The Medical Supply Depot as the are simply FABULOUS!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

We have the blues!

Blue has always been my favorite color. Any possible manifestation of it from aqua, to almost gray. I just LOVE it. Reminds me of blue skies, a crisp breeze, the ocean, a swimming pool, my favorite blue margaritas, you get the picture! Not sure what it is about this color that makes me so happy, but I don't really care :)

One of my favorite fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics is my Calm & Comfortable combo. We made a gown from from this beautiful print a few months ago for my good friend Scott as a gift for his friend who was facing chemo.

We returned to the blues last week with a new gown using this beautiful pattern and decided to be totally girly with a ruffle trim! And we topped off the outfit with a matching bouffant cap. How cute is this one?

But as we've mentioned before, Feel Good Gowns is more than just hospital gowns and caps. This outfit arrived at the hospital with bright aqua Feel Good Sockies (with no slip dots) and also an aqua Feel Good Blanket to make the entire stay cozy and to give that sense of security that only a blankie can.

Every patient should be this Fabulous! If you know someone facing a hospital stay, don't let them be sad and dreary...head over to our store and help them be Fabulous!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Art Gallery Fabrics Loves us!

Art Gallery Fabrics is my main fabric provider for the lovely Feel Good Gowns women's line. Why you might ask? Two reasons.

  1. I love ALL of their patters. Bold, bright, and large patters mixed in with some more subtle and muted options. Feels like a mix between modern and retro. But the one word I always think of is BEAUTIFUL...

  2. I love Pat Bravo! This fabric designer is such a wonderful person. She has been so accomodating and helpful to me in getting her fabrics direct and she completely loves and is trilled to be part of Feel Good Gowns. It makes her Feel Good to be part. And THAT is totally the point of this business. Spreading some cheer and happiness!

Pat did a lovely write up over at her Art Gallery Fabrics blog. Go take a look at all the wonderful things she said about us, and then stick around to read about her recent visit and booth at the Spring Market!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime and I am busy as a bee!

Happy June everyone! It's the start of summer!!! Ok, I know that doesn't happen for a couple of weeks, but I'm going to officially start summer today. I love the summer. I love spring as well, but she forgot about us this year and allowed winter to last just a little too long. So I'm ending her reign a little early and she's she just going to have to get over it :)

Had a busy weekend. Besides celebrating Memorial Day at a Giants game with family, I spent most of the time sewing and getting items ready for shipping. Josue (my Super Hot Mexican shipping expert, aka my hubby Josh) is going to have a bunch of packages to ship out tomorrow.

I hope to get some pictures up later today, but here is a sneak peak at what's to come-

Calm and Comfortable by Art Gallery Fabrics-
A super cute gown with a ruffle trim, coordinating bouffant cap, and a matching Camellia bag! To go along with this awesome ensemble we have a teal fleece blanket, and teal Affirmation socks from Socks for Happy People. And this little package needs no shipping. Will be modeled by yours truly on Thursday at Swedish!

Safari Style!
A very cool gown for a very cool kid! Carter is going to be the talk of the town when he wears this Lion inspired and safari themed print. We love the subtle animal print stripes that border each of the "scenes" on the fabric. And I couldn't resist making him a cap to go with it. Little gift from Feel Good Gowns :)

Super Cool Chick by Alexander Henry Fabrics-
Camellia is going to be styling when she heads back for her six month check up. We are certain the happy little chickies will keep her spirits up and hopefully be the theme for the day with her actually feeling like a Super Cool Chick with a positive outcome. Have a matching cap and Camellia bag (it really IS her bag) in lavender with white dots and her name embroidered on the front.

We love our Nurses and hospital staff!
Cute caps on their way to some of our favorite people :)
A "Pink and Poppy" bouffant cap is on it's way to Missy. I hope that you will feel bright and cheerful every time you wear this one!
A blue and pink cap by special request to match her scrubs! Paulette, you are going to be styling in this cute cap :)