Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lists, lists, and more lists!

We have so many lists to keep us on track. Some of us write them in an organized manner in a nice file on our computer. Others keep them stored in random “notes” on our iPhones (complete with autofilled in words we later can’t make sense of.) While some still rely on the multitude of scratch paper and refrigerator magnets. We all have some kind of system that tells us what we should be doing, when, how much, and to whom. And with September officially being the season for “back to school” and the millions of lists that brings…well I have a new list for you too!

What kind of list? Well the very BEST kind of course! The kind that makes you FEEL GOOD. The kind of list that is completely optional but so very worth the time to cross a few off.

This list is all about the little things we can all do to make someone happy. I was inspired recently when I participated in Operation Beautiful, and from handing out the super cool Lolli-Flowers at the hospital. These little acts of kindness, random acts of kindness or even Acts of Random Kindness as the folks at ARK call it…well they are definitely feel good things. So I wanted to make a list to share with all of about some other items I have stumbled across or just think are no-brainers.

1. Smiling. At yourself, at a coworker, at a stranger. It’s easy to do. Take a look at this blog posting I found. It’s a great one and I love her take on how it’s totally multi-tasking! Plus it’s totally free!

2. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. It’s cheap and a great way to start off someone’s day.

3. Donate school supplies. Easy-peasy and you can get some stuff seriously cheap. Every little bit helps.

4. Along the same lines as above, so many teachers have to buy supplies for their classrooms these days. Donate $10 to your child’s teacher with a note about how she does a great job! Or buy some of those super cute “encouragement” stickers with cool sayings like “Way to go!” “Awesome!” and such.

5. Give a compliment. It never fails to make me smile when a stranger or coworker takes the time to tell me I look cute that day. Be it my dress, my shoes (most likely) or the silly way I’ve twisted my hair up. It’s a freebie, easy, and ALWAYS brings a smile.

6. Be nice. I know it sounds like a given, but we often aren’t particularly nice to everyone around us. My husband and I make it a point to be nice and to have a common courtesy with each other. After all, who IS more important that the people you love? We don’t even notice it, but other people do.

7. In the spirit of Feel Good Gowns, say “thanks” to the hospital staff! Yes, I know it’s the nurse’s job to take care of you…but they don’t HAVE to be as nice as they always are. It’s such an awesome job they do, taking care of sick people. They are kind, gentle, and do their best to help you Feel Good while in their care. A sincere nod of appreciation will make their day a bit easier. I promise! A small box of chocolates would probably be even better!

8. Call your mom. I realize that she is sometimes super flighty, annoying, and can nag. But she loves you, and she put up with all of your annoying traits as a teenager. And she will be THRILLED that you called without needing something…like money…or advice…or to complain about your sibling. Call just to say hello and you will make her day!

9. Give blood! This gift doesn't cost you a thing, could help save a life (like Fremont Police Officer Todd Young) and plus you get free cookies!

10. Check out sites like this for some other great ideas!

Have a wonderful Friday, and do something kind.

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